Updated 20 June 2021

2020 Barbara Rice Intern Alexis LaFever‐Jackson

Alexis LaFever‐Jackson
DKY Barbara Rice Intern Alexis LaFever‐Jackson featured in the 2020 March-April Calypso and again in the November-December issue continued native plant research started by Barbara Rice. Thanks Alexis!
Charismatic Coastal Communities by Alexis LaFever‐Jackson. Published in Grasslands,a quarterly published by the California Native Grasslands Association, Vol. 32, No. 1 Winter 2022 (pages 17-19). A great article about her work as Barbara Rice Intern and the continuing importance of the native vegetation mapping the DKY Chapter is doing along the Mendocino Coast. Alexis continues her work with CNPS as Assistant Vegetation Ecologist and we look forward to more collaboration with her. Great job Alexis!